Tech Entrepreneur.

Founder at an E-commerce Software Startup. I am pretty chilled, relaxed, and laid back and I don't take life too seriously.

I love my peace of mind and that's why I like to stay calm and cool-headed... Fond of pets and good friends who can make you laugh.

I love economics, business, startups, and technology. I am Exploring psychology, spirituality and psychic phenomena, and philosophy. I also identify myself as an HSP ( highly Sensitive Person). I am borderline between ENTP and ENFP. I am an Ambivert.

I love reading books on spirituality, psychology, and philosophy. I pursued astrology as a hobby and have good knowledge about it. My favorite pastime would be taking a walk with a friend in a park. I am honest and I believe in kindness.

I would treat you kindly and expect the same from you. Looking to connect with mature souls who can have fun in life and still talk about serious philosophical and intellectual topics. I am easygoing, simplistic, and minimalistic. I can live happily at the bare minimum if I have the company of good friend/friends. I would still like to have enough to live a comfortable life. Like a good home and lots of useful tech gadgets.

I love animals and I am a vegetarian since childhood. I tried veganism but am now a vegetarian. I try to eat healthily as possible.

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Sumeet Moray

I like reading, writing and travelling ! freelance app developer with love for meeting new people.