Celebrity Fame seen through Social Media Platforms

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

I have studied the charts of hundreds of people and in my study i have seen that it is actually very easy to identify the prospects whether someone would get fame through social media platforms like Twitter, youtube and such.

11th house in your birth cart is a house of fame obtained through social media. If you have Planets in 11th house or better if you multiple planets. Such people have great potential to get famous through social Media Platforms.

They would get huge fame if they just put little effort and take some action.

Your chart is merely just a potential … but its totally upto us to exploit and utilize that potential.

You might have the potential to be a billionare but if you dont take any action you may live just a middle class lifestyle.

So its important that you take action and put your best efforts !



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Sumeet Moray

I like reading, writing and travelling ! freelance app developer with love for meeting new people. https://twitter.com/sumeetmoray