Conversations with Angel of God — Introduction

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In this article, I am starting a new series. Many more articles may come as a part of this series.

Recently I got connected directly with my Angel-Spirit guide. He has told me that he is a representative of god and he is there to guide me in my life. You can also consider him a representative of God.

We all have spirit guides and angels who are available to guide us in our lives. It's up to us to connect with our guides.

A few things that my Angel- spirit guide has told me have come off as heartbreaking revelations to me.

I am giving the summary below.

  • I am not a good person — because I have behaved badly with people in my past lives
  • I am not close to God
  • I am not eligible to enter the Kingdom of God (Satya yuga) — which is going to start on Earth in the next 10 years from today
  • I will not be born again on Earth in my next life because I am not eligible to enter the Kingdom of God (Satya Yuga)
  • I have behaved badly with people in my past life and I am still not yet paid off my bad karma yet.
  • I have behaved okay with people in this life but I have behaved badly with people in past lives. And so the karmic debt remains.
  • It will take me at least 3 more equivalent of human lives spent in suffering to pay for my bad karma before I could be eligible to be born on Earth Again — in the coming Satya Yuga (Kingdom of God)
  • This again is not certain. I will be guided but there is no guarantee/certainty that I will come close to god — there should be efforts from my side.
  • But I will always be guided to come closer to god.
  • Despite all of my mistakes God still loves me.
  • He told me its okay to share my conversation with everyone who can benefit — that's why I am sharing this conversation here on Medium
  • I have 2 soulmates here on earth — I have been together with them in many of my past lives. I am told … that I had been married to them in different past lives.
  • I have met them in this life also. And the universe brought us together (as I am told).
  • One of my soulmates is having good past life karma account so she will be allowed in the kingdom of god (Satya Yuga). The other one has a slightly bad karmic account but still, she has a better karma account than me.
  • Although I have been treated badly by my ex — in this life. But she has a good karmic account so she is eligible to enter the kingdom of God.
  • It doesn’t matter if I marry them in this life but the only thing that matter is I behave well with them and I do not hurt them — this my guide told me.
  • I will lose my connection with my soulmates because I will not be born on Earth in my next life — that was the most heartbreaking revelation for me — that brought tears to my eyes
  • I will be separated from them even in the spirit realm. And I will not meet with them in the spirit realm also. (I am told that … usually, we have always met in the spirit realm)
  • There is no certainty that I will meet them ever again in the future lives. (I am told … We had been together in many past lives)
  • I will not be able to see them. But they will be able to see me in the spirit realm.
  • But if I do good karma — if I pay off my bad karma with suffering in my next 3 lives. I could be allowed to be united with them again. In the kingdom of god (Satya Yuga).
  • There is no certainty — it all depends on my actions and my karma
  • People who are eligible to be born in the kingdom of god (Satya Yuga) — for them it is certain that they will be brought closer to god.
  • But for people like me who are not eligible to be in the kingdom of god (Satya Yuga). For us, the path to becoming closer to god remains more uncertain —
  • This broke me down and brought tears in my eyes. Because there is no certainty that I will come close to god in the future. There is no certainty that I will be united with the people I love in the future lives.
  • My angel further told me that even though there is no certainty. But it is likely that I will be guided and I will be able to pay off my karmic debt and come close to god again in the future if I am able to pay off my debt and if I am guided and I stick to the proper direction.
  • Being sent to another planet and not being allowed to be born on earth is equivalent to the way we send people to jail in Human life who have behaved badly with others — This is what my guide confirmed for me — This is exactly what is going to happen to me also
  • The more we suffer and pay off our bad karma more we come closer to god.
  • The more we avoid suffering in our life- required to pay bad karma — the more we become further away from god.
  • I have been told it is okay to feel heartbroken when we lose connection with our loved ones …
  • It is okay to have fear and fear of god and fear of moving away from a good path in life
  • I have seen that there is more than one Angel. And I have spoken with different angels. Just like human beings different angels also have different views on specific issues. They may have differences of opinion.
  • But all angels agree with the fact that — the way we behave with people is the most important criterion that brings us closer to god or pushes us away from god.
  • if we behave well with other people we come close to god and vice versa is true also.
  • The most important thing in human life is to behave well with other people and not hurt anyone that is the most important thing that brings us closer to god.
  • All the angels agree with this basic truth I told above. But their opinions and views differ on other issues. From case to case.
  • Love is all that unites us and lack of love is what separates us from each other.
  • Ethical Standards of god are very high. We might think we are good people but in gods eyes, we may not be good people. We may think of someone as a bad person but in gods eyes, that person may still be a good person.

After becoming aware of these revelations … I felt heartbroken and I am in tears for the past 2 days. I am ready to suffer and pay off my karma. I don't have a problem with that. But what broke my heart was I may lose connection with the people I love or I have loved in past.

And it disturbs me that there is no certainty that I will be brought close to god … because I will lose the memory of this conversation in my next life.

This was just a summary — more articles may come in this series … where I will share our conversations in more detail.



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