Follow your heart …

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It is very easy to say “Follow your heart” … But most of us are not able to follow our heart because our fears and doubts do not allow us to follow our heart and our dreams.

In this article we will study few spiritual truths that can help you overcome you doubts that are stopping you to follow your heart!

Our body and our soul belongs to Nature / Universe

As human beings our biggest struggle is not external its internal.

Our desires, expectations and our fears and doubts are always in conflict with our soul purpose and it stops our soul from following our heart and our dreams and our true soul purpose.

We all human beings are born / created with certain soul purpose and universe wants us to fulfill that purpose.

Universe provides us everything we need in order to fulfill our soul purpose.

Whether its financial security, whether its social security whether its a supportive relationship. It will provide you.

Universe has entire Support System Ready to support you

Universe does not create anything without a purpose. Because universe is just perfect. Universe created you with some purpose.

And when it created you it also created the entire support ecosystem to support you in your soul purpose. Because again universe is perfect.

If you’re following your soul purpose you will find people who would come in your life just to support you in your soul purpose. Because their soul purpose is to support your soul purpose.

So if you are hesitating to follow your heart because you are in doubt and you are worried about finances, you are worried about society, you are worried about what people will say, you are worried about acceptance ... Just know that …

Universe will support you financially, emotionally, socially or in any other way in order for you to fulfill your soul purpose and follow you heart ...

You dont need to know how … you just need to know it will …

As they say, You dont have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step

If you’re going through an internal conflict. Try to find and differentiate between your inner voice … what your soul wants ? from your fears, doubts, expectations and desire for security.

When you are able to identify your soul purpose you will overcome your internal struggle.



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