Genuine Traffic is more important than plain raw traffic

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If you watch youtube you must have seen so many channels who insist you to hit the subscribe button and tell you to like the channel. Irrespective of whether you actually want to subscribe the channel or you actually like the video.

So there is this trend among the content creators and a belief that more views and more traffic is good for you !

Well if you are talking in the context of youtube that would actually be true because more traffic translates into more income from advertising revenue ! But when you come to the real world this is not always true !

Just having more traffic to your blog or your youtube channel doesn’t always mean more growth !

What is more important is to have a better quality traffic rather than just having more plain raw traffic !

I as an end-user have observed that if i really like a youtube video and even if the channel host does not tell me to subscribe or like the video i would still end up making sure that i subscribe and like the video ! This is because i want to see more videos from your channel and i don’t want to be in a situation where i forgot your channel and fail to find your channel and this compels me as an end-user to subscribe to your channel and like your video even if you are not really telling me to do that.

Moral of the story is if someone really likes your video he is going to like it even if you don't tell him about it.

Telling an insisting an end-user to subscribe your channel or like your video may give you more views and traffic in the short term but its not worth it in the long run !

This is the main discussion of this topic and the key takeaway here !

The trend among the content creators seem to indicate that almost everyone believes that more traffic = (equals) more growth !

This is what i used to believe also and this pushed me to think about how can i bring more traffic to my blog and youtube channel ! This whole thinking got me into a pattern of thinking which truly is so much depressing ! And if i am feeling really depressed how am i going to create a good content !

Eventually i came to the realization that more traffic doesn’t always mean better growth !

Sometimes less traffic to your blog or youtube channel is better than having more traffic !

in fact unwanted traffic and attempts to obtain unwanted traffic may be repulsive to the people who genuinely love you and actually admire your content !

Quality of Traffic > (is more important than) Raw Traffic

More traffic can surely give you more advertising revenue but it would not necessarily mean admiration and love of people.

WHen you attract more love and affection from the people it eventually translates into better opportunities and growth in the long term !

Sometimes content creators become so much focussed on increasing the traffic to their blog or youtube channel that they eventually lose focus of creating good content and useful content. Creating something which people find useful and something which people actually like !

i have seen content creators who have suffered a decrease in popularity just because they were more focussed on increasing traffic and rather than being focussed on creating something useful to the people !

Having few people read your blog or watch your youtube channel who genuinely love you is better than having unwanted traffic to your blog or youtube channel !

Because In an attempt to grow your traffic you would eventually end up creating bad content and this would in the long run result in the loss of people who genuinely liked your content and admired you in the first place !

The key takeaway here is !

  1. Stop focussing on popularity and traffic
  2. Sometimes less traffic is better than more traffic
  3. Helping people and creating something useful for people is more important than obtaining more traffic and popularity ! And this is the only thing which will eventually give you happiness and inner satisfaction also !
  4. Tricks to generate more traffic may work for short term but they dont give results in the long run.
  5. There is no shortcut to win people’s heart. This is one genuine way to win people’s heart that is to create content which is useful to the people !

Stop telling people to like and subscribe to your channel because it is better to have less subscribers and less likes compared to having more likes and more subscribes from people who does not genuinely like you !

Sometimes less traffic can actually be better than having more traffic ! Because people who genuinely love you and find your content useful will be more willing to support you even financially compared to people who visit your blog or watch your channel but doesn’t find that useful !

Attempts to bring more traffic to your blog and youtube channel would eventually ruin the quality of your content and this will result in the loss of even those people who actually liked your content in the first place ! Which is bad news for you because there are now less number of people who are willing to support you emotionally and financially both !



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