Global Wars and the future of the World Economy

Since childhood, I had the gift of predicting the future of the world and the world economy. You can call it psychic ability or Intuition.

A lot of my predictions have come true. Recently I also started using astrology to predict future world events.

12 months before Corona actually happened I predicted that some sort of global crisis is going to occur. Based on transits that occurred in December 2019.

The world is currently going through a major systemic reset and for something better (new) to come something old needs to be destroyed.

We are going to see Hyper Inflation, food shortages, civil riots, and wars across the world.

Using my Intuition, Psychic Ability, and Astrology, and co-relating my predictions with what others are saying. I am making a few predictions for the world economy.

A Global War is Inevitable

We all know a global war is likely. But I am saying it's inevitable.

There is not a 90 % chance that war will happen. There is a 100 % chance that Global war is going to happen.

But don't worry it's not a bad thing it's actually a time to rejoice.

Things get worse before they get better. Everything in human society is getting worse across the world is a sign that something better is coming.

The world is currently going through a major systemic reset and for something better (new) to come something old needs to be destroyed.

Corona Virus and Ukraine War is just a preview of what’s going to come.

Hyper Inflation, food shortages, civil riots, and wars are all signs that the current system is failing and pushing itself towards self-destruction. Which ultimately will lead the way to a new system and new approach.

The economy of the United States, Russia, and China will collapse

The Russian economy is already on its way toward destruction. Due to sanctions and high spending on the military.

USA and China will also actively participate in the war. Which will destroy their economy.

A lot of large corporations in China will become bankrupt. The Chinese economy is under a bubble.

Money printing by Federal Reserve in the USA is currently fueling massive inflation and rising debt. There are so many indicators of major trouble in the US Economy.

Hyper Inflation, Food Shortages, Looting, and Riots will occur in a lot of countries across the World

Hyper Inflation, food shortages, looting, and civil riots will occur in Russia, USA, China, and many other countries in the world.

It's not just my intuition. Astrological transits and combinations are also indicating towards the same direction.

Due to high military spending US Economy, the Russian Economy, and the Chinese economy will collapse.

There will be looting and Riots in a lot of countries. People will kill each other for a cup of gasoline and some amount of food. A lot of people will die due to Riots and Starvation.

A Personal Note

I am a born geek and a lover of technology. Since childhood, I had a great fascination for America because its the birthplace of all modern technology.

Terminator series and Matrix were my favorite movies. There are countless things I admire about America. But despite how much I love America I feel it’s my ethical responsibility to warn people about what’s coming there.

I just see major trouble in the US Economy. The likes of which have never been seen in human history. It will be worse than the great depression.

A lot of people may not make it

It sounds very brutal but it's a harsh truth. A lot of people will not make it through this major crisis.

People will die due to hunger, food shortages, looting, and riots.

It would be really difficult due to wars, missile attacks, and then looting and riots caused by economic problems.

Where will it all stop?

Chinese Government will fall, the Russian Government will fall and it will be an end of Communism.

At the same time, US Government with its economy will also fall because the USA is no longer a democratic nation. And there is severe corruption at all levels.

Not to say that other countries will remain totally safe. Problems will occur in other countries also but they will still be relatively safer compared to the USA, China, and Russia.

This Decade will change Human Society Completely

Our society is always changing. But this decade (starting from 2020 to 2029 ) will bring a major change that we have never seen before.

The world will be very different after 2030.

Safest Countries to Live

Countries that will participate in war are definitely not going to be safe. It's not just the war and missile attacks.

Their economies will be destroyed due to high military spending.

Hyper Inflation, Food Shortages, Looting, and Riots will also make it really unsafe to live in these countries.

Countries that are likely to stay away from wars and countries which are self-sufficient will relatively come across as safer to survive through this major world economic crisis.



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