Something needs to end so that New things can Begin

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Sometimes you have to end certain things even if you don't like them to end. It is needed so that life can move forward.

Sometimes you have to take difficult decisions like ending a relationship that is blocking not just your life but also another person's life from moving forward.

Well, it does not mean that you don't love that person or there is something wrong with that person. It could simply mean that your goals and purpose in life are no longer aligned.

Or maybe your relationship is stuck up in some negative patterns that are blocking the growth of not just one person but both people.

Sometimes Endings are essential and needed for new things to begin.

Consider an example: People say that World War- II was wrong and evil.

But from nature's point of view, World War II was inevitable and essential. It only helped in destroying the corrupt Geopolitical System that existed at that time so that new Systems and new Cultures can evolve.

Destruction of older systems is required to that a new System can come into existence.

[World War II was nature’s way of destroying the existing System and Geopolitical Order so that the new System could take its place.]

World War II helped people realize the dangers of Dictatorial Controlling regimes and People started to appreciate the importance of Democracy.

Colonialism ended and countries all across the world realized it was wrong to dominate and colonize other countries.

People remember World War II as a Painful and Evil moment in Human History.

But it was in fact a cleansing period that helped in destroying the existing corrupt system which helped a new better System to come into existence.

We face similar Situations in our Personal Life also

If we find ourselves in relationships that are stuck up in negative old addictive patterns that are blocking our life from moving forward. We should end it.

Although emotionally letting go can feel sad. But …

Sometimes our Emotions can hold us back and block our life from moving forward.

You might have to say goodbye to someone and you might cry and have tears in your eyes. But that’s okay. It's a process and it is a part of what it takes to move forward.

It is important to allow certain things to end so that new things can start. And life can move forward.

It does not mean you will never see that person again or there won't be any relationship with that person again. It only means that the relationship in its current form needs to end.



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