Thoughtlessness and Thought Effeciency

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Our life is the outcome of our thoughts. The physical reality of our life is merely the manifestation of our thoughts.

They tell us to think positive so that we manifest the positive. But my experience had been the opposite. Thinking positive does not really help. Because we cannot control our thoughts. Trying to think positive is futile endeavour.

Positive and negative thinking are the two sides of the same coin. Positive thinking does not help us get rid of our negative thoughts. In fact positive thinking creates an natural imbalance in our minds and that balance is always restored by occurrence of negative thoughts.

Therefore positive thoughts are always accompanied by negative thoughts. And as a result positive thinking mearly attaches us to a set of beliefs that manifest in both positive and negative forms in our life.

Take for example scarcity. Scarcity is a belief.

Poverty and filthy richness both are positive and negative sides of scarcity. You cant be filthy rich unless there is some level of poverty in society.

When you imagine yourself as filthy rich you imagine a society where poverty exists. And a society where scarcity exists. Does that truly feels uplifting or growth producing for our soul ?

What we need isnt positive thinking … what we truly need to live a better life is to give up your unnecessary thoughts which can be termed as though effeciency.

There are lot of thoughts which are unnecessary, unnatural and inorganic.

Thought effeciency is the process of getting rid of unnecessary thoughts. Which helps us achieve a cool and calm mind which has fewer thoughts. Thoughts that are really productive, useful and purposeful.

Unnesessary thoughts are thoughts which does not contribute anything useful towards our existance.

This is all good … But how can we achieve thought effeciency ?

Though effeciency is achieved by higher thinking, maturity and wisdom. A person who has higher wisdom would look from a higher perspective. Instead of trying to become filthy rich he will try to build or imagine a society which is free from all scarcity. Where everyone is happy.

People with thought effecient minds will think less but what they think is really effective, purposeful and capable of making a significant difference in people’s lives.

These people will speak less but what they say everyone would want to hear.

Thought effeciency is achieved through understanding of higher truths and spiritual understanding. Truths about universe, nature and society.

Though effeciency cannot be achieved by scientific methods or scientific methodology. Because science does not believe in soul, spirit and atman.

Thought effeciency can only be achieved thought spirituality. Understanding of spirit, soul and atman.



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